Second Blog Post

This week I went a little bit deeper into learning unity and came across plenty of challenges, which had simple fixes, but I can only begin to imagine what I will eventually come across while trying to complete my final product. One of the major problems of this week was getting my script for audio to play properly so when you start the program, the platform only plays the sound one time when the ball touches it. As for next week I plan on making a spawner instead of having just one ball in the field as well as have the balls delete as they interact with different objects.

Here are a few screenshots from this week

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Overall this week I would say was much more productive than last week, and I plan on continuing this trend in hopes to ensure the final product is what I imagine and hope that all users will feel the same way I do when interacting with my program.


Week 1 Blog Post ~Unity

This week I was mainly focused on the Unity UFO tutorial which can be found here Throughout this week and following along with this tutorial has given me a much needed refresher on coding as well as how Unity works as a fantastic base for creating my project.

Here are a few pictures illustrating what I have done to complete my first ever game made with Unity.

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A few things that went wrong while starting this project/tutorial was that every time I tried to start a new project and opened the filed in 2D mode, Unity was still putting me in 3D mode. In order to fix this I just recreated a new project and double clicked on the 2D setting which somehow fixed it. A few other issues that I had while following along in this tutorial was the fact that the video was somewhat dated so certain things were in different places, therefore making it sometimes confusing to try and understand what they are saying. Overall I believe that week 1 has gone well, however I have not been able to spend as much time as I had liked to on these tutorials due to personal issues. I plan to work on these this weekend when given some time.

— Brock Galyardt