Semester Reflection

This semester has been a fantastic learning opportunity for me. In the beginning I knew for a fact that I wanted to create a game. However that required me to learn a new coding language. In the beginning, I watched a lot of tutorials for unity in C# and followed step by step how to do certain things. But life was not always that easy during this project. When you choose to make your own project and do your own thing, you run into a lot of problems and have to troubleshoot. I learned that coding takes a lot of dedicated time and effort as well as a lot of patience. Without patience I would have lost my mind already. If I were to do this project all over again I would do almost everything differently. I would 1. get more sleep 2. not watch as many tutorials as I did 3. google search a lot more for random issues that come up 4. learn how to do UI a lot sooner in the project and 5. pay attention when going down a rabbit hole of code (doing a lot of needless coding when I could have done the same thing in 8 lines of code). Overall this project has done a lot of things for my life and has only motivated me to work harder each time I sit down. It has been a great semester and I hope you enjoy my product.


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